Update: Schools announces student meal pick-up sites

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[Update 8 p.m.] – The regular distribution of the Mallett School Pantry, for any family with children in RSU9, will still take place on Wednesday, March 18, 3:45 with curbside pick-up.

[Update 6:02 p.m.]Maine School Administrative District 58 will begin serving any child age 0 to 18 a breakfast and lunch to-go-type meal beginning Tuesday, March 17. This service will be Monday through Friday until further notice.

Breakfast will consist of cereal, juice and milk. Lunch will be a sandwich, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and milk. These will be available for pick-up from 10-11 a.m. at the kitchen door of the schools in Strong and Phillips as well as Mt. Abram High School. If your child is not able to make it to school, a bus will be dropping off meals at the below locations. Please be courteous and mindful of any businesses or intersections for safety purposes.

Bus 1 will depart from Strong School at 10AM to Stops:
Foster Memorial Building from 10:05-10:15 continue up RT 4
Country Delight from 10:20-10:30
Masonry School 10:40-10:50
Valley Brook Store 10:55-11:05
Ron’s Texaco 11:10-11:20
Reed’s Mill road and 145 11:30-1140
then returning to Strong School

Bus 2 will depart Mt Abram at 10AM to Stops:
Knockwood Corner 10:10-10:20
Cook Hill turn 10:35-10:45
Gilkey Hill turn 10:50-11:00
Huff Road 11:10-11:20
Health Center 11:30-11:40
Back to Mt Abram

[Update 3:07 p.m.]Regional School Unit 73 has announced its food pick up sites and times on its website.

RSU 73 Breakfast Lunch Spots
Primary School – 8 to 11 a.m. – pickup @ gym entrance with ramp
High School – 8 to 11 a.m. – pickup door @ number 10
Central Office – 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Bus #1
Picks up meals at High School @8:30 a.m.
Bean’s Corner 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. (50)
North Jay Fire Department 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. (50)
Returns to High School 10:45 a.m.

Bus #2
Picks up meals at the High School @9 a.m.
St Rose Church 9:30 to 10 a.m. (100)
Meadow Brook 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. (100)
Pike’s Mallard Mart 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. (100)
Returns to High School 11:45 a.m.

Bus #3
Pick up meals at the High School @9:15 a.m.
Drop off meals to central office 9:25 (50) a.m.
Brettun’s Variety 10:00 to 10:30 (50) a.m.
Return to High School 10:45 a.m.

RSU 78 is also arranging the delivery of food and other services to families that are in need. A bus will come to the following locations to deliver breakfast cereal and bag lunches.

Magalloway town office: 9:30 to 9:50 a.m.
Oquossoc (tennis court area): 10:50 to 11:15 a.m.
Rangeley Town Office: 11:30 to 11:50 a.m.
Sandy River Town Office: noon through 12:20 p.m.

Families are asked to contact the school at 864-3311 or by emailing kdolbier@rangeleyschool.org as soon as possible if they would like to have breakfast and lunches so an adequate amount can be prepared.


FARMINGTON – Starting Tuesday, March 17, Regional School Unit 9 families can pick-up healthy, pre-packed meals at the locations listed below. Meals will be packed to go and offered in a “drive-thru” or “walk-up” basis to promote social distancing. All meals are free for anyone under 19 years old and children do not need to be present to pick-up meals for them.

Meal pick-up will continue until further notice. Each lunch served will also have a breakfast meal for the following day. Friday meal packs will have meals for the weekend.

Sites and routes may change as needed. For questions, please contact Deb Nightingale at dnightingale@mtbluersd.org or call 207-779-9612.

Pick-Up Locations

W.G. Mallett School – Student drop-off area, 11 to 11:45 a.m. Monday-Friday
Mt. Blue High School – Front entrance, 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday-Friday
Academy Hill School – Main entrance, 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday-Friday
Cape Cod Hill School – Front entrance, 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday-Friday

Bus Route Pick-Up Locations

Farmington/Temple/New Vineyard – Monday-Friday
11 a.m. Leaving from Mt. Blue Campus
11:10 to 11:15 a.m. Madore’s Market
11:20 to 11:25 a.m. Temple Town Hall
11:50 to 11:55 a.m. Our Village Market, New Vineyard
12:10 to 12:15  p.m. Grant Lee’s, Fairbanks Rd.
12:15 to 12:20 p.m. Foothills Heights Apartments, Fairbanks Rd.
Return to Mt. Blue Campus

Wilton/Weld – Monday-Friday
11 a.m. Leaving from Academy Hill School
11:05 to 11:10 a.m. United Methodist Church, Main St. Wilton
11:15 to 11:20 a.m. Old Barclay’s Building, Weld Rd.
11:35 to 11:40 a.m. Weld Town office/Post Office
Return to Academy Hill School

Farmington/Chesterville – Monday-Friday
11 a.m. Leaving from Mallett
11:05 to 11:10 a.m. Corner of Cascade Leisure Park & High St.
11:20 to 11:25 a.m. Church of Christ, Farmington Falls
11:40 to 11:45 a.m. Chesterville Town Garage
11:50 to 11:55 a.m. Chesterville Town Office
Return to Mallett

Industry/Starks/New Sharon – Monday-Friday
11 a.m. Leaving from Mallett
11:15-11:25 a.m. Head of Clearwater Lake
11:40-11:45 a.m. Starks Town Garage
11:50-11:55 a.m. Corner of Krebs Corner and Sandy River Rd.
12:10-12:15 p.m. Old New Sharon Town Office
Return to Mallett

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