RSU 9 Board of Directors approve teacher contracts

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FARMINGTON – After working without a contract all school year, teachers of Regional School Unit 9 will once again be offered an agreement after approval from the Board of Directors on Tuesday evening.

Negotiations have been ongoing since January 2020 and have faced multiple setbacks both from COVID-19 and disputes between the Mt. Blue Education Association and board members. EA President Doug Hodum said it’s been a difficult year for many reasons, but he feels as though things are moving in the right direction.

Changes to contracts will include a more even and consistent salary scale, allowing new teachers to reach the top of that scale in 18 “steps” as opposed to the current 31 steps.  According to Hodum, the change puts the district in a much more competitive place when seeking out new educators, and when looking at the longevity of a teacher’s career within RSU 9.

“Once we refocused on local voice and local discussion, that’s what moved us along,” Hodum said. “The board recognized our concern.”

Though details of the contract are still being fine tuned, the motion to approve passed unanimously.

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