RSU 9 Board of Directors finalizes budget proposal

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FARMINGTON – The RSU 9 school board met last night and reviewed the final proposed budget draft presented by Superintendent Christian Elkington for the 2022–23 fiscal year.

Four significant, plus several small changes, reduced the overall budget from an increase of 3.17% to an increase of 2.91%.

The health insurance increase was lowered from a projected increase of 10% to 5.74%, a reduction of $160,000 from the previous budget draft.

Two bus lease payments had not been factored into the previous draft creating an increase of $45,000.

Guidance/social worker costs had been double for Cape Cod Hill School, and that reduction was approximately $74,000.

After reviewing class sizes at the elementary schools, there was concern about the class sizes at Cape Cod Hill School, and Elkington requested that another teaching position be added to the budget.

“We can not do that and just take the position that’s already in the budget presently for an extra position, but that automatically then takes that position out so any other increases that we get, we’ll then be searching for funds and moving funds, so I am asking the board to agree to adding that teaching position,” Elkington said.

It was determined that it would be best to have another teaching position there as well as planning to have funds available in case one more needed position should arise. That increase is approximately $63,000.

The overall increase to taxpayers has been reduced from an increase of 1.36% to an increase of 0.62% because of some added state funding and use of balance forward, the amount totaling $39,991,944. The school board unanimously approved the budget as presented.

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