RSU 9 looks to renewable future

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Mt. Blue Campus

FARMINGTON – ReVision Energy, a Maine-based solar installation company, has partnered with Regional School Unit 9 and Farmington Water District to develop a solar array project that will benefit local areas beginning fall 2021. Through planning board meetings and local and state level collaboration, ReVision Energy has organized nearly $1 million in solar array technology on 20 acres in Livermore Falls to provide fixed cost Net Energy Billing Credits.

“We plan to provide dependable, renewable energy to the local grid and create Maine PUC regulated NEB Credits for local municipalities, schools and institutions,” said Kurt Penney, Commercial Solar Consultant at ReVision Energy.

Once erected and functional, the project will not only prove to benefit the district but will also be a constructive addition and long-term investment for the rest of the local area.

“Renewable resources providing local electrical, environmental and community benefits. Local municipalities will enjoy tax revenue. Local contractors and solar companies will require more local labor. Municipalities, schools and businesses can benefit from a fixed-price contract at attractive discounts from a PUC regulated, bipartisan supported and long-term program,” said Penney.

The plan was initially conceived by ReVision Energy in fall 2019, as a project for the Franklin area at large, but was proposed to former RSU 9 Superintendent Tina Meserve in Jan. 2020, who received it positively.

“The solar project for RSU 9 will be one of the first projects on-line generating Net Energy Billing Credits in the state. Superintendent Meserve was instrumental in recognizing the significant long-term benefits and helped provide an instructive, open dialog within the School Board and ReVision Energy. The School Board was excited to take advantage of the savings provided by the Net Energy Billing Agreement and was willing to be among the first participants in a local, renewable energy project under the LD 1711 NEB Program,” said Penney.

Despite delays from weather conditions, Covid-19 regulations, and permitting and utility approvals, RSU 9 and ReVision Energy have worked steadily to prepare the project to directly benefit the fall 2021 school year. The renewable energy project is still in the planning and final approval stages, but equipment is in place and there’s an anticipated start date of February or March, depending on weather conditions. The construction will take between three and four months, and the two months following that will be used for equipment testing before the energy can be distributed and utilized.

“We are targeting fall 2021 for commissioning and hope to be generating NEB Credits by early in the school year. Our team really enjoyed working with everybody at RSU 9 and are proud of our partnership. We look forward to supporting the program, the project and the exciting NEB agreement,” said Penney.

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