RSU 9 school board signs warrant articles

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FARMINGTON – On Tuesday night, the RSU 9 Board of Directors held a Special Meeting to revote on one of the articles regarding Adult Education. On April 25, the Board accidentally approved the local share instead of the full amount for Adult Education, resulting in a need for a revote on the article.

The Board made a motion to set the 2023-24 Franklin County Adult Basic Education budget amount at a corrected figure of $537,642. A majority of the board voted in favor of the motion with Director Charles Hinds in opposition.

A motion was then made that the vote entitled, “Vote to Call an RSU Budget Referendum, Call Public Hearing, Approve the Referendum Warrants, and Approve the Notice of Public Hearing,” be approved in the form presented to the meeting with the stipulation that a copy of the vote is included with the minutes of the meeting.

The board unanimously approved the motion, and signed all of the warrants to go out to the communities.

This meeting was recorded by Mt. Blue TV and is available for viewing online at

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