Septic bid awarded for Sheriff’s Office

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FARMINGTON — The Franklin County commissioners held a special meeting on Tuesday, October 12, to open the bids for a septic project at the sheriff’s department complex. The meeting was held out of the regular schedule so that work on the project could begin as soon as possible, before the ground froze. There were three bids submitted, one from Harris Septic for $12,080, one from C.H. Stevenson Inc. for $16,025, and one from CCC Construction LLC for $9,550.

Commissioners Brann and Barker opened the bids and then handed them over to Road Supervisor Mike Pond for review. Taking the required specification into account, Pond chose the lowest bid from CCC Construction.

The commissioners reviewed the bids and awarded the job to CCC Construction.

Mike Pond reported back to the commissioners on a bridge on Schoolhouse Road in Madrid Township. A landowner has requested that the county repair the bridge; Pond has been unable to find clear documentation on who holds responsibility for the bridge. The records from the Town of Madrid were lost in a fire and the state does not have the bridge registered. The commissioners agreed to resurface the bridge using five timber mats the county already owns and purchasing an additional mat, as long as the landowner will agree to take over the ownership of the bridge after the repairs are complete.

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