Spirit of America Award presented to Tri-Town Ministerial Association Food Cupboard

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Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere presents the Spirit of America Award to the Tri-Town Ministerial Association Food Cupboard

JAY – On Monday night the town’s selectboard presented The Spirit of America Award to the Tri-Town Ministerial Association Food Cupboard.

The Food cupboard provides over 50,000 meals each year in Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls. They also collaborate with many organizations throughout those communities such as Hannaford, Good Shepherd Food Bank and others.

Just in the year 2020 approximately 50 volunteers worked 2,700 hours to help get meals to people in need.

The board unanimously voted to continue the fuel facility agreement with Regional School Unit 73 which was due to expire in June. The agreement allows RSU 73 to use the fuel facility located at the Public Works Garage.

The board unanimously voted to purchase the plow truck recommended by the Public Works Director, John Johnson. The bid comes from Farmington Ford and costs $24,553. The F600 was the most modestly priced of the three options.

The town office has been seeking bids for a generator replacement and the board voted to go with Generators of Maine to install the new generator. The total price will be $20,100.

Selectboard member Gary McGrane voted against the generator bid, believing that the board should wait for the energy audit before purchasing a new generator.

The board also discussed the re-paving of the Church Street sidewalk. Johnson summarized the two options to the board: The town could re-pave both sides of the street, but if they did this they would be required to move 10 telephone poles, which will cost much more, or they could eliminate that sidewalk and just expand and re-pave the one that borders the park.

According to Johnson, just re-paving the one side would cost around $20,000.

Selectboard member Thomas Goding was in favor of re-paving the one side.

McGrane thought it would be best to hear from the public, specifically the people who lived on that street. The public can voice their opinions at the March 8 public hearing.

The selectboard voted to approve of the Warrant Articles as written to be presented to the public. They also signed the Notice of Public Hearing set for April 27 where the articles will be debated.

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