Three arrested for cocaine, drug trafficking

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MADRID – Local and state agencies were involved in three arrests made Friday, as police seized illegal drugs, thousands of dollars and 38 guns after searching residences.

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Maine State Police, Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, Rangeley Police Department and U.S. Border Patrol personnel were involved in the arrests of Jeffrey Wing, 51, of Madrid, and his son, Jason Wing, 32, of Strong on Nov. 7. A third man, Brian Clarke, 28, was also charged in a related arrest.

According to the MDEA, officers served search warrants on two buildings, both owned by Jeffrey Wing, at 7:30 a.m. Friday morning. Wing himself lived in a home at 893 Reeds Mill Rd., while his son lived in a camp-like building across the street.

In the residence, officers say they found two ounces of cocaine, more than one pound of dried marijuana as well as large tub filled with “partially stripped recently harvested marijuana plants. They also say they found chemicals used to cut the cocaine, a digital scale, small plastic bags and “handwritten drug ledgers.” MDEA agents estimated the street value of the drugs, once cut and packaged, to be more than $4,000.

Additionally, 38 firearms were seized, along with $4,800 in cash. 

The elder Wing, who was home at the time, was charged with aggravated trafficking of a Schedule Z drug, or marijuana, as well as aggravated trafficking of a Schedule W drug, or cocaine. The trafficking charges were “aggravated,” due to the presence of the firearms.

Meanwhile, in a simultaneous search across the road, officers found two grams of cocaine, two ounces of marijuana and more paraphernalia in the camp. According to Special Agent Supervisor Gerry Baril, who oversees the MDEA’s Western District Task Force Office, a weapon was found near the “cocaine processing area.”

“A 12 gauge shotgun within reach of the cocaine processing area, with two rounds on the table ready for immediate loading into the weapon, was seized,” Baril said in a written statement.

The younger Wing was not home at the time. He later turned himself in at the Franklin County Jail to the state police and was charged with two counts of aggravated trafficking. Both Wings were released later that day on $500 cash bail bonds. They’re currently scheduled to appear in court in February.

A third residence in Rangeley at 139 Pleasant Street, also owned by Jeffrey Wing, was later searched. There, officers say they found seven marijuana plants being grown inside the dwelling. Two guns, a loaded .44 Magnum revolver and another shotgun, were also found.

Clarke, who was occupying the residence, was charged with the aggravated cultivation of marijuana. MDEA puts the value of the plants, once fully mature, at $2,000 to $3,000 in value.

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