Walking Books Library celebrates Children’s Book Day

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Violet Cushman browses a Walking Books Library giveaway to gift to her 12 grandkids.

FARMINGTON – Appalachia North is once again bringing books to people this month with the Walking Books Library’s Children’s Book Day celebration.

Children’s Book Day, founded by literary advocate Pat Mora, has been celebrated annually on April 30 for the last 23 years, but members of Appalachia North have decided to extend the festivities to include the entire month of April.

Appalachia North is a small, informal group of people who focus on “teeny tiny projects that teach, transform or tickle you pink,” according to their motto. The group helps ideas get off the ground- ideas that are often thought up by others. Walking Books Library was one such project that started out small- handing out books door to door- and has grown over the months to the point of getting hundreds of free books to anyone who wants them.

This month, young readers in Farmington will have the chance to read “Maybe Something Beautiful” by F. Isabel Campoy (Author), Theresa Howell (Author) and Rafael López (Illustrator) while kids of similar age in Mexico will read the Spanish version. To find more information on “Maybe Something Beautiful” click here.

In celebration of Children’s Book Day, Walking Books Library is focusing on car themed books, as well as bilingual books. A bilingual baby board book- “Mi Carro” will be available as well as a biography of Soichiro Honda to check out.

A limited number of free books will be offered at an event at the Farmington Fairgrounds and books will be available around Maine through Rose’s Room, a support group for people with family in prison. In addition, Walking Books Library is getting books to the New Beginnings LGBTQ group and foster care groups in Saco and Orono.

Walking Book Library has an Amazon wishlist for anyone interested in donating to the hundreds of books given away each year. The list gives info on what books are in demand, what projects they are for and if they are for free giveaways or to help build tiny lending libraries. If the book is in memory of someone we are happy to note that.

To volunteer, donate or find a Walking Books Library location, contact Kelly Sterns at 491-3672.

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