Weekend Crossword: Winners and Solutions April and May

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Weekend Crossword

Hello Crossword players! We have some solutions for you. Previous puzzles from April 8th (Get Schooled) to May 20th (I’m Game) are posted in the reverse order they were released.

It’s with great pleasure we announce that our next four winners have been drawn for Weekend Crossword. We got a little behind and we were waiting on new mugs to arrive, so we’re celebrating winners for April a little late and May a little early. Each sent in a copy of a correctly completed submission and will now receive a custom coffee mug featuring The Daily Bulldog on one side and the MBTV logo on the other.

Congratulations to April winners L. Curtis and B. Keene!

Congratulations to May winners L. Fissette and W. Warnock! Both sent in multiple completed puzzles.

If you have submitted and were not selected this month, you are still eligible to be selected next month. For each month you send in a completed entry, we add your name to the drawing.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and we look forward to seeing this continue to grow as a uniquely local favored feature.

Our weekend crosswords include fun, puns, and local flavor. We hope you enjoy! If you’d like to create your own crossword and submit it for use, send your digital links in an email to thedailybulldog@gmail.com with “Weekend Crossword” as the subject. Hand written submissions can be sent to our mailing address: Daily Bulldog, 270 Main Street, Farmington, ME 04938

Weekend Crossword Mug
Perfect for sipping while you read Franklin County’s First News

Look for this weekend’s crossword later today and thanks again to everyone for playing.

Weekend Crossword
I’m Game – May 20th


Weekend Crossword
Mother’s Day – May 13th


Weekend Crossword
Watch your language – May 6th


Weekend Crossword
Spring Ephemerals – April 29th


Weekend Crossword
The Headline Train – April 22nd



Weekend Crossword
Get Schooled – April 15th



Weekend Crossword
Quick Like a Bunny – April 8th
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