Wild Weld

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A moose near Webb Lake in Weld. (Photo by Dennis York)
Moose calf. (Photo by Dennis York)
Moose mom. (Photo by Dennis York)
Whitetail buck in Weld. (Photo by Dennis York)
Goose in Weld. (Photo by Dennis York)
Time to start storing nuts for winter. (Photo by Dennis York)
Wild blueberries near Center Hill in Weld. (Photo by Dennis York)
Cedar waxwing feeding on chokecherries. (Photo by Dennis York)
A rose-breasted grosbeak perching in an apple tree. (Photo by Laura Ganz)
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  1. Loved seeing the wildlife in the Weld, Maine… I was there November 4 through the 14th 2019 and Y’all were experiencing a wonderful Indian Summer.. i’ll be in the neighborhood earlier this year October 12 and looking forward to enjoy the scenery again

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