Wilton selectboard discusses 2020-2021 audit

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WILTON – Karen Olivieri from RHR Smith joined the selectboard meeting on Tuesday evening. She will be an in-person auditor, helping the town manager and other staff to understand the town’s financial situation. Ron H.R. Smith, managing partner of RHR Smith, also joined the board via phone call to explain Wilton’s financial situation as of the 2020 to 2021 audit. The board will consider the 2021 to 2022 year in a few months.

Smith explained that the town is in a fairly good place financially. There is a problem, however, and it lies with utilizing resources and getting organized. This is where Olivieri’s help will come in. This topic will be revisited by the board after Olivieri gets to know the situation.

The selectboard considered the Beeline contract for cable service. Town manager Perry Edwards explained that the previous contract with Beeline expired on May 1, 2017. Edwards, along with the Beeline company attorney and Farmington’s attorney, put together a retroactive contract that will cover from May 1, 2017 to May 1, 2027. This contract is an exact copy of Farmington’s aside from the retroactivity. The board voted unanimously to sign the contract.

Wilton resident Kara Moody approached the board to request the town to consider reopening winter maintenance to a portion of Magrath Road. Moody is currently building a house on this road now and is hoping to live in it by winter. The first section of the road is plowed by the town and Moody’s neighbor currently plows the rest, up to Moody house. Moody requested the town to resume winter maintenance to provide safe access in the winter and so that she is not reliant on her neighbor to plow.

Edwards told the board that Magrath Road would need significant upgrades before it can become year-round. This decision would need to be brought to a town meeting or a special town meeting. Edwards suggested that the board push making a decision now so that the issue can be covered at the next town meeting and improvements can be made before the next winter. It will ultimately be up to the voters.

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