Wilton Selectboard discusses amendments to the town warrant

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WILTON – Since its original formulation, several amendments have been suggested for the June 14 town meeting warrant.

The board of selectmen will officially vote on making the changes at the next meeting, but discussion was held Tuesday night to give board members time to consider. The amendments include a rewritten marijuana ordinance, of which has been discussed heavily. The fees that will be included in this new ordinance will be up to the selectboard to determine so that they remain flexible for each case the board reviews. The warrant will also include an amendment to sign ordinances, which, according to town manager Rhonda Irish, is “quite comprehensive.” The new broadband article as well as a cost recovery article will also be added.

In the coming months, Town Manager Rhonda Irish is also looking to assemble a committee for town infrastructure.

“Having to upgrade buildings is expensive. I think it’s a good idea for the public to know where our buildings stand. We budget for repairs, but what about when those aren’t enough?” said Irish.

Irish will make a more formal proposition for the formation of the committee this summer, after acquiring more interest from the community.

“I want to look at it as a townspeople-driven committee and not an employee-driven committee,” said Irish.

After forming a committee with board members Tiffany Maiuri and David Leavitt to evaluate and interview prospective engineers for the Water Department’s transmission line project, Heinz Gossman brought the decision to the board to approve. They interviewed two firms and decided that Dirigo Engineering proved to be most suited for the job.

“Dirigo put forth a proposition that’s the best fit for the town and at the right price point,” said Maiuri.

Gossman agreed, adding that Dirigo is a company that he trusts and believes will work cohesively with the Water Department for the duration of the project.

“They’ll be with us for the next three or four years,” said Gossman.

The preliminary fee estimate was $13,000, while the total design cost was $170,000. The board unanimously approved the contractual partnership with Dirigo.

Planning board member Charlie Lavin brought to the board’s attention a sign violation committed by Tim Amerson who owns land on Route 2. Amerson had recently purchased the land to build his contracting company and had begun advertising the company before it was built.

“I understand his desire to advertise his business,” said Lavin. “But when I issue a violation, I’m sincere.”

The board voted to issue a formal violation notice to Amerson, giving him 30 days to remove the sign before they seek further legal involvement.

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