Wilton selectboard discusses Community Resilience Partnership

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WILTON – The selectboard voted to sign the new General Assistance Ordinance. The local plan has previously been finalized, but the board needed to sign off to acknowledge that they accept the state plan. Selectperson Mike Wells was curious about the costs of administering the program outlined in the ordinance and concerned that the board was asked to sign with a lot of unknowns. Town Manager Perry Ellsworth informed Wells and the rest of the board that this is a state mandate and they must sign off on it. 

Zachary Gosselin, Environmental and Resiliency Planner from the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments, explained the Community Resilience Partnership to the board. This program recently received funding from the state’s biannual budget allowing them to provide $4.75 million to resiliency projects throughout the state over the next two years. Wilton has expressed interest in this partnership, which will allow the town to be eligible for $50,000 in grants. 

This money can be used for a number of community projects, to be discussed at future community engagement workshops required by the program. Ellsworth identified heat pumps for public buildings as a potential project, but the public will be able to give input at these workshops. Selectperson Keith Swett made a motion for Chairperson David Leavitt to sign the acceptance of this partnership to allow the town to use grant money to benefit the community. The board voted unanimously to pass it.

In an update on the ongoing Water Main Project, the board voted unanimously to designate Ellsworth as the project manager. This will allow Ellsworth to work alongside Heinz Grossman, Superintendent of Waste and Wastewater, to take care of the minutia on a regular basis without the direct involvement of the board. Ellsworth stated that he will cover everything relating to the project besides the spending and funding, which will still go through the board. 

The town of Wilton Public Works Department is purchasing a one ton truck for plowing to replace an old one. They considered trying to keep the truck and repurpose it within another department, but it was decided that they will get more out of their money by turning it in. 

John Masse, Foreman of Public Works, shared with the board that they received two bids, one for $69,293 from Casco Bay Ford and one for $69,985 from Hight Ford in Skowhegan. The latter would accept a trade allowance of $15,000 from the old truck. Masse suggested that they accept the bid from Hight Ford and negotiate to have the plow equipment installed by Viking Enterprises for $70,384. This would total $126,984. Selectperson Tiffany Maiuri made a motion to move forward, citing that the amount of $126,984 is well within the budget. The board approved the motion unanimously. 


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