‘Blue Deserts’ available in Farmington, proceeds to benefit anti-corridor group

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Proceeds of sales of ‘Blue Deserts’ will benefit the NO To NECEC group.

FARMINGTON – Author Steve Kasprzak’s newly released book, “Blue Deserts,” is now for sale through Devaney, Doak & Garrett Booksellers. A major objective of the book is to reveal that most mega reservoir hydroelectric projects are built and owned by quasi-public entities which are subjected to very little or no environmental oversight.

The author writes, “The primary goal of this book is to inform the public about the profound ecological damage being caused by damming the world’s rivers.”

Kasprzak explains in layman’s terms how hydro dams and their flow regulation have altered marine ocean currents and temperatures, and how they are driving the acceleration of the arctic heat amplification phenomenon with ever expanding global warming feedback loops.

Roger Wheeler, President of Friends of Sebago Lake, Maine, writes: “CMP’s “Clean Energy,” justification for its proposed New England Clean Energy Connect transmission line through Maine connecting Hydro-Quebec’s dams with Massachusetts was the catalyst for Steve to write the book, “Blue Deserts.”

Steve Kasprzak has generously offered to donate proceeds of the first 200 books sold to go directly to: Say NO To NECEC to assist with the legal effort to reject CMP’s destructive corridor through western Maine.

The book, “Blue Deserts,” is for sale at Devaney, Doak & Garrett Booksellers located in Farmington, Maine. To purchase the book, please call: DDG Bookstore at 778-3454 or e-mail: info@ddgbooks.com. The price of the paperback book is $21.95. For more information please contact: Wendy Huish at: 778-2586 or e-mail: wendyhsh@gmail.com.

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