Diva Show Goes to the Moon in Rangeley Jan. 27 & 29

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Pictured are four Divas of the Winter Diva Show scheduled for Jan. 27 & 29 at Moose Alley in Rangeley. Tickets are on sale at Moose Alley and at the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce. Pam, Erin, Pam, and Sue make up the foursome known locally as The Peps. They sing in harmony and have been rehearsing a medley of songs from the 1950s and 1960s. Showtime is at 7:30 pm.

RANGELEY – The Winter Diva Show can best be described as an evening of lighthearted entertainment, filled with unpredictable characters. This Winter’s Show, titled Diva Goes to the Moon, will be performed 7:30 p.m. Jan. 27 & 29 at Moose Alley in Rangeley.

The artistic directors and producers of the show, Terry Martin and Carolyn Smith of CAT Productions, have been in the planning stages for the last several months. The skits included in this show are spoofs on the 1950’s sitcom hit “The Honeymooners” that featured Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows. Given the comedic talent of Barney Martin, of Coos Canyon Band and the Maine Hysterical Society and Carolyn Smith, local realtor with Morton and Furbish, it seemed like a natural direction to go. Moose Alley is the venue and that site along with the generous support of Nancy Bessey and her staff; the idea of incorporating a bowling theme into the production seemed like a natural progression as well.

Jim Austin (a uniquely gifted piano/keyboard artist) was added to this year’s musical and theatrical Diva production. He will entertain before, during and throughout the evening and has chosen medleys of music that were popular during the ’50s and ’60s with a few surprises as well. Those of you who are really Austin fans will have to secure your tickets for Friday night, as he will only be with the show for that one night.

Sound Engineer, Stanley Howard of Mt. Abram Sound, will deliver sound for both Diva and audience from the same time period.

Those of you who never miss the Winter Diva Show, you know that it is always the divas who make the show stunning. Taking on diva characters in song, dance, costume and authentic passion, they will burst on stage bringing Ann Margaret, Patsy Cline, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Judy Collins, Tammy Wynette and Jackie Gleason, and more. Carolyn Smith will host the show inviting Barney Martin and his character known as Emmett to share the stage with her.

Pam Ellis, artistic director of Lakeside Dance Academy will transform a group of ladies from the 1950s into fabulous Diva Mambo Dancers! Rev Jud Pealer and Tim Straub will take part in the production as well. It is a showstopper and whatever happens in this comedic improvisational event. Traci Dresser of the Fountain of Youth in Rangeley will do make up for the show and has been scheduling workshops with the Divas to get them up to diva glam.

Some of the proceeds from the show will go towards establishing a Diva Scholarship for a graduating senior, the local food pantry and other others. Tickets are on sale at Moose Alley in Rangeley and at the Rangeley Chamber of Commerce.

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