Wilton Rec. swim lessons sign ups June 16 and 17

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WILTON – At this time, the Wilton Rec. Department is planning to offer limited swim lessons for children for the summer of 2021. Swim lessons will be offered for upper swim ability levels four, five, and six (American Red Cross). All of these levels require participants to demonstrate independent (non-supported) swimming skills and strokes in deep water prior to the start of lessons. Swim lessons for these levels will be offered for two two-week sessions in July. Session one will run from July 5 – 15 and session two will run from July 19 – 29. Lessons will run Monday through Thursday for a total of eight classes and will last for 50 minutes each day. Space will be limited. Participants that do not meet the pre-course requirements will not be able to stay in the class.

This may be subject to change, but all safety protocols for children’s programs will apply and determine availability.


American Red Cross Level System – for participants that have completed Red Cross level three or the equivalent (can swim front crawl and elementary backstroke for 15 yards with breathing):


Introduction to all swim strokes. Refinement of front crawl and back crawl and introduction of butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke and diving.


Continuation of stroke refinement and introduction to flip turns and surface dives.


Students can swim all 6 strokes. Continue to refine strokes as endurance is built up.

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