Food pantry volunteer celebrates 90 years

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Ted Nutting, who volunteers at the Clearwater Food Pantry in Industry, just turned 90 last week. (Photo by Maria James)

INDUSTRY – As the saying goes, it’s not about the years in your life, it’s about the life in your years.

Meet Ted Nutting who has packed plenty of life into his nine decades. Never one to be idle, Nutting was out hunting for wild bees and collecting sap to make maple syrup when he was just eight years old. As a young man he harvested wood with a horse and drag dray, then began driving a pulp truck for Allman Watson. In the 1970s, Nutting bought a pulp truck and started his own business. Over the years, he also drove a plow truck and served as Industry selectman.

And he’s still serving the community as a volunteer at the Clearwater Food Pantry. No one, including Nutting, could tell me just how long he’s been doing that, but he remembers back to when the pantry was run out of the basement of the old West Mills Church. He also serves on the food pantry’s board of directors. He chugs a pretty spiffy Kubota tractor up the road every Monday morning, and spends the next several hours sorting produce, stocking shelves, and loading groceries into people’s vehicles. Nutting’s usually a man of few words, but he can be prompted to share anecdotes, local history and wisdom gained from a long life.

So here’s to you, Ted Nutting, happy 90th birthday!

– By Maria James

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