Kingfield POPS hosts antiques appraisal fundraiser Sept. 5

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KINGFIELD – On Friday, Sept. 5, from 11-3 p.m., the Kingfield POPS Festival of the Arts Committee will host a visit by Thomaston Place Auction Galleries’ Mobile Appraisal Coach for an Antique Appraisal Day on the Camden National Bank lawn in Kingfield. This event will provide instant, onsite appraisals by Thomaston Place’s Kaja Veilleux and John Bottero for antique or collectible items brought to the Appraisal Coach. There will be a suggested donation of $5 per item appraised (or $20 for five items), and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Kingfield town projects.

“I am very excited that the experts from Thomaston Place Auction Galleries are returning to Kingfield and donating their services to help us raise needed funds,” said Patricia Johnson of the Kingfield POPS Festival Committee. “This is a wonderful opportunity for people to find out what their family heirlooms and household treasures are worth, while supporting projects that enhance Kingfield at the same time. I hope many folks will stop by to participate in this fun and worthwhile event.”

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries’ Mobile Appraisal Laboratory is the first-of-its-kind, 36-foot-long motor coach equipped with state of the art appraisal tools and reference materials. Kaja Veilleux, president of Thomaston Place, noted: “We have been doing free appraisals every week at our Thomaston Gallery for over 20 years. We are very excited to be able to take this service on the road and support the worthwhile efforts of the Kingfield POPS Festival Committee.”

Participants are encouraged to bring any items that they want to have appraised to the event. If items are too large to be transported to the coach, detailed photographs can be used to determine their approximate value. There are no appointments, and each person will have a chance to meet with an appraiser on a first come, first served basis.

The Kingfield Festival of the Arts downtown committee was formed under The Kingfield POPS and is dedicated to opening up new ways for the creative economy of the town. This year the committee with the monies we raised, we were able to fund the Kingfield American Flag project. We are currently making plans for the renovations of the town Kiosk. Soon we will start next year’s plans for the Festival of the Arts Day, June 27, 2009. Any questions please contact Johnson at 265-5205.

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