Logging Festival’s Coming Soon: Be a Wood Chip! Float down Main Street!

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The Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum invites everyone to sign up for the Little Miss and Mister Wood Chip contest and to enter a float in this July’s Logging Festival parade, part of the Logging Museum’s Logging Festival Days, July 25th and 26th.

For the Friday, July 25th program at the Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal), Main Street, Rangeley, the Museum invites girls and boys, aged 6 to 8, to enter the contest and sing a song or recite a poem. Although no dance entries are accepted in the contest, children are welcome to exhibit dances and other activities during the evening program, if time allows. Every Wood Chip contestant receives a prize. The Museum can accept 5 to 6 girls, and the same number of boys. The winners will ride in the Little Miss and Mister Wood Chip float in the Logging Museum parade on Saturday, July 26th. And, in the winter they will preside over the Giving Tree events: Little Miss Wood Chip becomes the Giving Tree Angel and Little Mister Wood Chip serves as Santa’s elf. Finally, in the 2009 Logging Museum parade, the winners will ride in the Giving Tree float. 

Last July, Little Miss Wood Chip was six-year-old Mary Page of Rangeley Plantation, daughter of Jason Swiney and Amanda Leach. Sporting a hat with a long feather, Mary sang “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” (There were no entries in the Little Mister Wood Chip contest). The first Little Miss Wood Chip was Pamela Haley of Rangeley on July 26th, 1985. Thanks to Deb Case who helped the Museum with the Contest.
For the Logging Festival parade, the Museum will have 7 cash prizes in 6 different categories: “Most Appropriate to the Logging Industry” ($100), “Best Logging Truck” ($100), “Most Entertaining” ($75), “Most Original” ($50), and “Most Humorous” ($25), and two “Best Youth” entries ($25 each). 

Last year, prizes went to Mark Beauregard for his crane and slasher (“Most Appropriate to the Logging Industry”), M&H Logging (“Best logging truck”), “Pooh Party” by Stephanie and Bubba Keep and family (“Most Entertaining”); “Mud Season in the Back Room of the Bank” by Camden National Bank (“Most Humorous”), The Fire Department’s antique fire truck (“Most Original”), The Cub Scouts (“Best Youth”), and The Giving Tree (“Best Youth”). 

The Logging Museum thanks all who participated in 2007 and invites them to return this year for Rangeley’s biggest parade. To enter the Little Miss and Mister Wood Chip contest or to put a float in the parade, please call Rodney or Steve Richard at 864-5595. 

The Logging Museum, located on Route 16 one mile east of Rangeley, opens every Saturday and Sunday in July and August from 11am to 2pm and by appointment. The Auction is 5 July at 10am, and the Knit and Crafts Show is July 19th at 9am. Call the Richards at 864-5595 for more information or email Peggy Yocom at myocom@gmu.edu.

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