Mission at the Eastward home repair applications

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FARMINGTON – Mission at the Eastward, Housing Ministry is getting ready for its 2021 season. We realize that COVID has been a devastating event for so many people, and we would like to help those who are in need of home repairs but have limited resources.

Last year left us with limited volunteers able to come to Maine to help with these repairs, but we are hopeful and prayerful that we will be able to resume our normal season this year, and able to help as many as we can.

Normally, our work groups come from all over the northeast to Central-Western Maine to share their talents and caring with area homeowners, who without assistance with labor and/or materials, would be unable to make needed repairs and maintenance to their homes. Many of the volunteers take vacation time to be here.

Painting, roof repairs, porches, steps, ramps and simple interior and exterior repair are likely prospects for the teams. Wherever possible, we ask homeowners and families to participate in the work and its cost, as they are able.

The work will take place in parts of Franklin and Somerset Counties. We have groups staying in North New Portland and Farmington and like to keep the work within 30 minutes of these towns. Mission teams arrive at different times at different sites. They begin arriving in early to mid-June and stay through August.

Mission teams seek to do Christian service. They are called out of their everyday lives to serve in our community. They come to work on housing and would be pleased to work along with you. Their experience is made better by the time you share with them.

If you own your home, all you have to do is print this page and fill out the application below and return it. Each application received will be considered, and you will be contacted for further information if necessary. We will call you to set up an assessment appointment, and we will notify you, whether or not we are able to do the work requested. We accept applications up to April 31, but the sooner you turn your application in, the sooner we can match it to a work group.

The applications are available on our website: www.missionatheeastward.org, under the housing ministry tab. You can also contact Thea Kornelius at (207) 491-8404 to request an application to be send out to you.

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