Octagon House’s unusual tulip tree now in bloom

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A tulip tree blossom. The tree is in bloom at the Octagon House on the corner of Perham and Broadway in Farmington.

FARMINGTON – The Farmington Historical Society wanted to let the community know that the century old tree in front of the Octagon House is now in blossom.

The tulip tree (Lirodendron) is rarely seen in this far north in North American. The blossoms have a very unusual tulip-style flower petals which are pollinated by crawling insects. This tree has seeded a number of little trees. The volunteers of the Historical Society have been nurturing one of the young tulip trees that was near the foundation of the Octagon House.

Last year Farmington resident Robert Zundel transplanted the little tree to the front corner of the Titcomb House lawn on Academy Street.

The newly transplanted tulip tree at the Titcomb House on Academy Street.

The little tree has had a successful winter and is full of the beautifully odd shaped leaves. It will be years before the little tree will blossom but when it is large enough, we hope the trees will have matching blossoms.

The Octagon House and Titcomb House are open for visitors on Fridays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. from now through the summer until Oct. 7. We would like to show you these two beautiful houses. Watch for the Open House signs. Donations are welcome.

– Submitted by Jane Woodman

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