Pets of the Week: Bailey and Rodrick

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Pets of the Week is a regular column featuring pets available for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.


Bailey, Boxer Mix, Female, 3 Years:  Meet Bailey!  Bailey is a very sweet girl who loves being outside, going for walks, playing catch, playing in water, and overall, just loves being active.  Bailey LOVES people.  She loves going for car rides and being with her family.  Bailey has severe separation anxiety and would love to find an active home with a family who is home most of the time, or who can take her with them when they are not home.  Bailey unfortunately does not do well with other dogs, especially small dogs.   Bailey is best suited for a home in the country without other dogs in the neighborhood.  She is very protective of her space when it comes to other animals.  Bailey is also a little bit of an escape artist and can easily scale a 6-foot fence and has been known to break out of kennels.




Rodrick, Senior, Male:  Oh, hi there.  My name is Rodrick.  I am a laid back older guy that generally prefers to be left alone.  I can be
sweet when I am in the mood, but for the most part I prefer my own space.

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