Pets of the Week: Cucumbers, Bananas, and Skye

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Pets of the Week is a regular column highlighting pets available for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

Cucumbers and Bananas

Cucumbers and Bananas, Adult, Males:
Looking to add a little hop into your life? Look no further than Cucumbers and Bananas, the dynamic bunny duo that will steal your heart! These two bunnies are inseparable, forming an unbreakable bond that’s as sweet as their names.

While they’re head over heels for each other, they’re also head over heels for people. Cucumbers and Bananas are incredibly friendly and social, making them fantastic companions.

Whether they’re munching on hay, enjoying playtime, or simply nuzzling each other, Cucumbers and Bananas are the epitome of bunny bliss. If you’re ready to add twice the love and fun to your life, consider adopting this delightful pair!

Come meet Cucumbers and Bananas and get ready for a bunny-filled adventure full of love and joy!


Skye, Pitbull Mix, 10 years old, Female:

Meet Skye, the adorable and affectionate little old lady who’s ready to shower her humans with love.

Personality: Skye’s heart is as big as her love for her humans. Her affectionate nature and charming demeanor make her an instant favorite, always eager to share cuddles and companionship.

Medical Consideration: Skye’s journey includes managing hyperthyroidism, a responsibility she handles with grace.

Compatibility: Skye’s love for humans is her shining trait so she would do best as an only pet in a home where she can thrive!

If you’re seeking a devoted and delightful addition to your life, Skye is the perfect match. Embrace the privilege of sharing your days with a dog who embodies love and companionship, and who will enrich your life with heartwarming moments. Adopt Skye and embark on a journey of endless affection and mutual happiness.

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