Pets of the Week: Khloe and Bernard

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Pets of the Week is a regular column featuring pets available for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

Khloe, Rottweiler mix, 3-4 years old, female: Say hello to Miss Khloe! This big girl is a massive cuddle bug! Today marks her 167th day at the shelter and despite being a gorgeous, outgoing, people-loving, playful lady she hasn’t had any interest and we can’t figure it out.

Khloe’s favorite pastimes are snuggling on the couch, learning new tricks, and playing with her humans! She loves just about any toy but stuffies and rope toys are her favorite. This big girl loves to run around the dog park and gets the silliest zoomies!

Khloe has yet to meet a human she didn’t love. She gives wonderful hugs and super sweet kisses. If you’re looking for a workout buddy who will give you the sweetest cuddles after Khloe is your girl.

As far as her home requirements go she’ll require a home where she can be your only pet. She would do good with older children however she doesn’t realize how big she is so she might be too much for a family with little kids. She is also strong and would need someone who can handle walking a big girl like her.

If you think Khloe is the perfect fit for you and your family give us a call at 207-778-2638 and we’ll be more than happy to set a time for you to meet her! Khloe can’t wait to meet you

Bernard, 4-6 years old, male: Hello, I’m Bernard. I’m a very handsome big ‘ol orange man. I love high places and hidey spots. I’m still pretty people shy but I’m warming up to humans. I love other cats and I think they make fantastic cuddle buddies! I’d love a home with cat friends.

Bernard (left)
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