Pets of the Week: King and Chloe

2 mins read

Pets of the Week is a regular column highlighting pets available for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.


King, Coonhound, 5 years old, Male: Meet King, a lovable coonhound who is looking for his forever home! King is a sweet and affectionate pup who loves nothing more than cuddling up with his human friends. He’s also an avid walker and is always eager to explore the great outdoors.

While King may be a bit overweight, he’s already made progress on his weight loss journey and will need a dedicated owner to help him continue on this path to a healthy and happy life. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, King is sure to reach his ideal weight in no time.

He’s always up for a good long walk, but he’s also content just snuggling up on the couch. King is a true social butterfly and gets along well with other dogs, as well as with cats. He would love to meet your current canine and see if they could be friends! If you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion who’s ready to share his heart and home with you, then King is the perfect match.



Chloe, 6+ years old, Female: Say hello to Chloe! This lovely little dilute is looking for her forever home!

She’s a laidback and affectionate companion who would love nothing more than to curl up on your lap for some love and attention! While she adores her humans she’s not a fan of other cats and would prefer a home with cats who won’t invade her bubble. Chloe is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a calm and loving older girl.



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