Pets of the Week: King and Yuri

1 min read

Pets of the Week is a regular column highlighting pets available for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

King, 2 years old, Pittbull mix, male: Hello!! My name is King! I’m a very happy boy with lots of love for everyone I meet. I’ll follow you everywhere you go, and I love to give kisses and cuddles! I’m a gentle giant and walk well on leash. I would love to meet your current dog to see if we could be friends! However, I’m a bit too much for cats and would do best in a feline free home.

Yuri, 1-3 years, male: Hello! My name is Yuri. I am a sweet and affectionate guy who really loves my friends but I can be very overwhelmed with strangers and loud noises. I also have a bit of a heart murmur that you should be aware of. The perfect home for me would be a quiet home without a lot of strangers coming and going. I get along really well with other cat social cats.

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