Pets of the Week: Maverick and Jack

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Pets of the Week is a regular column highlighting pets available for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

Maverick, Hound mix, male, 1-year-old: This handsome man is Maverick! He’s been with us the longest of any of our animals here as he arrived here in February of this year. Maverick is the definition of a sweetheart, he loves to be hugged and gives the sweetest kisses. He’s very excitable and exuberant in almost every aspect of his being. He’s eager to please and loves any kind of food or treat! Maverick is your typical hound who loves to talk and go for walks. He’s been working hard to learn new tricks and manners! Some of his favorite tricks are sit, give paw, lie down, and heel. He’s a very fast learner as long as you have treats ready. Maverick was adopted out once but was brought back due to being too much dog for the people. He’d love to find a home with people who have experience with hounds and lots of love to give him. Maverick would love to meet your current dogs to see if they can be friends but he and cats don’t get along, so he needs a home without cats. He’s also a bit too excited and big for little kids so only older kids for him!

Jack, 4-6 years old, male: Hi there! I’m Jack! I’m a super affectionate big boy who loves people! I’ll usually be one of the first cats to greet you when you come into the cat room. My favorite toy would have to be anything with catnip in it. They’re really fun to bunny kick and roll around with.

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