Strong’s anti-bullying program begins with a pledge

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STRONG – Strong Elementary School kicked off its second year of ABOUT or Against Bullying and Other Unkind Talk program.

The assembly began with Principal Felecia Pease reminding students of their mission statement
and school motto, “Where the best get better.” The students viewed a program entitled “Celebrate What’s Right with the World” with Dewitt Jones of National Geographic.

Strong Elementary School Prinicpal Felicia Pease watches students sign the Pledge of Respect as part of the anti-bullying program.

After watching the program, Pease told the students, “As you become involved in your learning, whether in or out of the classroom, you’ll face challenges that will require choices.” She then asked students to think before acting and to ask themselves:

“Will I accomplish what I want if I do this? Remember we all have something to offer to our school and should be treated as such,” she said.

Middle school-age students then presented skits and the audience was asked to respond to the most
positive choice that could have been made in each situation. Students spent the remainder of the morning on the playground signing the “Pledge of Respect” while middle school students taught the younger students appropriate playground activities and rules.

The Strong ABOUT Committee has been working with the Franklin County Children’s Task Force for the past two years on the anti-bullying program. Other schools interested in implementing a bullying prevention program are encouraged to contact the Task Force at 778-6960.

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