Wilton Farm and Home Museum to host presentation on Spruce Gum, April 13

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WILTON – The Wilton Farm and Home Museum will be hosting a presentation on Thursday, April 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the museum on Canal Street in Wilton.

Dave Fuller will be speaking on the production of Spruce Gum in Maine; historical society members and the public are invited to attend. Spruce gum is made from the hardened sap of a spruce tree and became popular in the mid to late nineteenth century. During that time, Maine was the largest producer in the Northeast. Wooden boxes were crafted by lumbermen, woodsmen, and trappers to hold the spruce gum. These unique decorative boxes, known as “Gum Boxes” became family heirlooms.

This is a must-see presentation on a unique aspect of Maine history.

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