Community health leadership awarded to Planting

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FARMINGTON – Rev. Scott Planting was recently presented the annual Community Health Leadership Award at Franklin Community Health Network’s annual meeting for “getting people to work together to solve community problems and to uplift who we are.”

Rev. Scott Planting, at right, was recently presented the annual Community Health Leadership Award by FCHN board chair Doug Walrath.

“We all think of this place as a special community and we have Scott to thank for helping make this such a special place to live and with such a special society,” said Richard Batt, FCHN president in making the announcement. “At the heart of the community is a group of persons who pull us together. Scott is most frequently thought of as a minister, but I think at the core he is a community builder.”

Also receiving recognition was Dr. Wallace Duffy, who had a surgical practice in Farmington from 1955-1976. “He was sometimes paid in produce or wood, not cash, just like our present Contract for Care program,” remarked Batt. “Duff, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday, has made a lasting
contribution to this community. He has helped heal and comfort thousands of people here.”

Franklin Community Health Network is an independent community health care network that includes Franklin Memorial Hospital, Franklin Health, Evergreen Behavioral Services, NorthStar, and the Healthy Community Coalition. The tradition of its annual meeting is a reminder that FCHN and its affiliates remain community owned and community centered.

Also recognized by Richard Batt was Dr. Wallace Duffy, at left, who had a surgical practice in Farmington from 1955-1976.

During the annual meeting, corporators representing towns in the health system’s service area, come together to hear presentations on the year’s accomplishments, approve nominations of board members and receive an annual report. The presentation of the Franklin Community Health Leadership Award has become a highlight of the meeting.

“This past year we accomplished many remarkable things,” said Batt in making his annual remarks. “We welcomed a new Mobile Health Unit. We launched the Evergreen Child Development Center, one of the few programs serving children with developmental and behavioral issues in the state. We opened a wonderful new Medical Arts Center. We continued to enjoy success in recruiting excellent medical staff, including a dermatologist who has signed an employment agreement with us to begin work here next summer. We prospered amidst financial challenges, while other hospitals experienced losses. At the same time, we strengthened the communities we serve by supporting education, the arts, and the economy.”

Dr. David Hyde, medical staff president, commented on the talented new physicians who have joined the medical staff: Drs. Lorien Batt, Tara Aumand, Iris Silverstein, and Heidi Decker. He also commented about one new area of technology that is being implemented in the very near future, the E-ICU.

“Patients in our ICU will be treated here by physician hospitalists and monitored and helped by intensivist physicians associated with Maine Medical Center. Through phenomenal electronic monitoring, the critical care specialists in Portland can see through cameras and monitor patient data
with electronic equipment. They can see remotely exactly what our nurses and doctors can see. This exciting new partnership will greatly improve clinician and nursing care.”

At the conclusion of the meeting Darryl Brown of Livermore Falls, Steve Pierce of Carrabassett Valley, and Carol Timberlake of Strong were nominated and unanimously approved to the board of directors.

To receive a 2008 Annual Report of Franklin Community Health Network, contact the Community Relations office at 779-2555 or 1-800-398-6031, ext. 2555.

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