Fit Girls spring registration is open

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WILTON – The Fit Girls after school running and reading program will be starting up at the elementary schools in Regional School Unit 9 in April.

Fit Girls is for 4th and 5th grade girls promoting an active and healthy outdoor lifestyle at a zero-cost to the families in the region. As the need for creating healthy choices among young people continues to be more important every day, Fit Girls teach girls the value of being active regardless of their size, shape, or ability. We also teach girls that by reading great books, it encourages them to think creatively and in a fun way. By introducing girls to meaningful books with positive messages, Fit Girls helps girls gain a deeper appreciation for themselves and their unlimited potential.

The running/walking program is designed to gradually and safely build endurance to run or walk a 5K race in May. The approach of the program is non-competitive, and each girl is encouraged to find a pace that is comfortable for her.

Thanks to the generosity of grants and individual donations, the program remains at no cost to the girls.

Registration closes on March 25th. Please visit the Fit Girls website to register online at:

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