From opiates to opportunities- a conference for veterans, service members and their families

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LEWISTON – A conference that aims to learn, discuss and gain a better understanding of challenges created by the current opioid epidemic and how it affects Military Service Members, Veterans and their families will be offered to the public on March 15 in Lewiston.

The conference plans to bring together Maine National Guard and Reserves, police and first responders, the Veterans Administration, community treatment providers, community leaders and veterans and their families.

It will provide information on current practices in the criminal justice system, Veterans Administration, community treatment provider system, military and community support networks.  Interactive panels will explore systemic gaps and barriers to promote collaboration among diverse service sectors working with veterans, service members and their families in order to facilitate recovery from opiate use disorders.

The conference will be held at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston campus at 51 Westminster Street. It will also be live streamed at 7 p.m. on all University of Maine campuses. The conference is sponsored by AdCare Educational Institute of Maine
, with funding from the Maine Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, Department of Health and Human Services, University of Southern Maine and Tri-County Mental Health Services.

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