Nurse Practitioner Gloria Reid joins Wilson Stream Family Practice

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Gloria Reid

FARMINGTON – Gloria Reid, Family Nurse Practitioner-Certified, will be joining Wilson Stream Family Practice late this summer.

Gloria is a native Mainer with a variety of living and work experiences. She is originally from Waterville, though having moved away when young and returning to Maine after graduating with a BA in Psychology from Bucknell University. Much life experience and personal health challenges led to the pursuit of a nursing career and graduation from MCHP in 2014. After having worked on multiple floors at CMMC in Lewiston, Gloria began her pursuit of a Masters in Nursing with a Family Medicine focus graduating from Walden University in 2020. She chose to follow up her schooling with a year of residency work through PCHC in Bangor, gaining much experience serving a variety of patients across the medical spectrum.

Gloria’s passion includes holistic and realistic care that is targeted for the patient at its core. She believes in a practical approach to medical care that focuses on quality patient education so that no patient feels unsure of the plan of care or their role in it. This approach aims to balance personal patient goals with all aspects of the patient’s life-health, work, and relationships as she recognizes that a patient is a composite of all areas surrounding their well-being. She has been noted to have an empathetic ear from her own personal health challenges that her patients truly find genuine and inspiring.

Her personal passion of homestead living has helped to shape her interest in the basics of life and the value that these bring to overall quality patient care. She loves gardening-growing and processing much of her family’s food. This natural background gives her a greater understanding, admiration, and desire to include a natural approach to medical care whenever possible-recognizing that good patient outcomes are a result of the use of all resources and not just pharmaceutical treatments. Further interests include reading (Sci-Fi and fantasy for fun), listening to music (all types though ’40’s big band/jazz are her favorite), playing with her animals (cat, dog, chickens, and ducks), and relaxing with family.

If you want a provider who listens, helps you to figure out your options, and thoroughly explains how you can achieve your health goals, then make an appointment to meet with Gloria at Wilson Stream Family Practice. She is open to patients of all ages and strives to be the “country doc with a shingle out” for everyone in the community.

She will be open to taking new patients starting July 21. For appointments call Wilson Stream Family Practice, 778-9531.

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