Nursing and Direct Care Professional awards presented

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The three award recipients are from left: Katrina Gervais, ambulatory nursing; Karla D’Alessendro, direct care professional; and Melody Hill, hospital-based nursing.

FARMINGTON – On May 11, after a week full of special activities in coordination with National Nurses Week, nursing leaders and peers recognized nine Franklin Memorial Hospital nursing and direct care professionals who demonstrate exceptional clinical practice and professionalism, through the organization’s annual Nursing and Direct Care Professionals Excellence Awards.

Those recognized support the advancement of patient care by demonstrating MaineHealth’s core values of patient centered, respect, integrity, excellence, ownership, and innovation.

Seven nurses and two certified nursing assistants were nominated. They included Katrina Gervais, RN; Nicolle Godbout, RN; Kelli Gats, RN; Patti Chadbourne, CNA; Karla D’Alessandro, CNA; Heidi Hebert, RN; Kevin Joyce, RN; Nicole Emery, RN, and Melody Hill, RN.

“These nurses and direct care professionals have demonstrated exceptional nursing, clinical practice and professionalism while demonstrating our core values,” said Rebecca Wood, chief nursing officer. “The awards we presented recognize all of these outstanding individuals and their outstanding commitment to promoting optimal patient outcomes and a healthy work environment.”

At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, three were named as the award recipients: Katrina Gervais, ambulatory nursing; Melody Hill, hospital-based nursing; and Karla D’Alessendro, direct care professional.

Julie Crafts, RN, said in her nomination of Melody Hill, “I have been impressed with her teamwork skills, nursing skills, and her willingness to pick up extra shifts to help out our team. Mel is a team player and will always be the first to assist her coworkers when they are feeling overwhelmed by her calm demeanor and kind words. I have watched her many times comfort patients in their times of weakness, and update family members with the information they need in a timely manner.”

Amanda Read and colleagues said in their nomination of Katrina Gervais, RN, “Katrina is always on top of every task given to her! She is thorough and patient centered! Always being a team player and making sure her employees are always in safe hands. Katrina brings a positive attitude, exemplary care, and compassion that is uplifting to patients as well as her team.”

Crystal Marchetti, CNA, stated in her nomination of Karla D’Alessendro, “Karla exudes pride and integrity in every aspect of her job. She is thorough, whether working on the desk, floor or precepting new staff. Karla is competent in all aspects of her care, demonstrating excellence by anticipating the needs of patients and staff alike to assist them before they ask.”

Michael Senecal, director of NorthStar EMS, was given the Partnership in Caring Award for the immeasurable support he has unselfishly given to nursing staff.

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