Services make healthcare, prescriptions affordable at Rangeley Region Health Center

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RANGELEY – At Rangeley Region Health Center (RRHC), we assist our patients in determining eligibility for health insurance and medication assistance programs.


For instance, if patients have trouble paying for healthcare services or medications, RRHC may be able to lend a hand. There are several programs that help patients pay for services and medications. Figuring out program eligibility rules and enrolling, however, can be extremely cumbersome. 


“We offer these services at no cost to our patients because we want to ensure that people seek healthcare when they need it rather than avoiding a visit because they are afraid of the bill,” according to Kate Quimby, Practice Manager at RRHC. “Paperwork and knowing the right place to find answers are barriers for many people. At the health center, we encourage people to ask questions so we can work together to figure out solutions.” 


Patients can receive help applying for Mainecare, Medicare premium coverage, RRHC’s Affordable Care program, and medication assistance as well as a number of other programs. The Affordable Care program offers health center services at a reduced cost for patients who qualify based on their family size and income. 


Ask the staff at RRHC if you want to learn more about how to access programs for affordable services and free medications. If you prefer, leave a message for the “HealthReach Navigator” who can offer individual assistance by calling toll free: 1-800-427-1127, extension 13450. 


Rangeley Region Health Center is located on 42 Dallas Hill Road in Rangeley, and is part of a larger organization, HealthReach Community Health Centers. RRHC is also one of the 6,000 federally qualified health centers in the United States. Across the country, health centers serve as the healthcare home for 17 million people and are recognized as an invaluable part of the nation’s health delivery system.


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