Farmington Fire Rescue Dept. report for December

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FARMINGTON – The Farmington Fire Rescue Dept. continued to have a busy December with a variety of emergency calls. As usual car crashes (10-55s) accounted for the most responses, followed by odor/smells from heating units and seasonal situations with air quality. As mentioned before it is a good practice to check your fuel supply levels from time to time even if you are automatic delivery status. Structure fires seemed to be more numerous this month for a variety of reasons. Not all reported fires resulted in damage to property but did require mutual aid assistance from area fire departments.

As we move into the more seasonal time of the year be sure that your emergency escape routes/exits and family plans are up to date. All family members should be familiar with the exits. At the same time keep snow and ice cleared away from those routes. If you have outside fuel storage units check them for snow/ice build up too. Have you checked your emergency phone list recently to be sure you have the proper and latest numbers for service people you might need?

It’s a good idea to check with family and friends from time to time to see how they are doing and inquire if they have need of any type of assistance. Be sure to check on any animals that are outside during the cold weather, they might need to be housed in another, warmer area. Don’t venture out on to any lakes or ponds without carefully checking the depth of the ice; just be aware of your surroundings.

The Farmington Fire Rescue Dept. answered the following calls in December 2021;

3 Smoke Problems; (215 Middle St., 805 Weld Rd., 700 Temple Rd.)

10 Car Crashes (10-55s); Farm. Falls Rd., Fairbanks Rd., New Vineyard Rd., 926 Whittier Rd., 824 Fairbanks Rd., Park St., 662 Whittier Rd., 195 Red School House Rd., Farmintgon Falls Rd., 507 Wilton Rd).

4 Assist NorthStar: 170 Middle St., 112 Farmington Court, 124 Russell’s Mills Rd., 124 Main St.)

3 Service Calls: 114 Thompson/Walton Crt., 128 Granite Heights, 111 Temple Rd.)

9 Odor/ Smell; Broadway, 321 Holley Rd.,104 Corn Shop Ln., 285 Mosher Hill Rd., 103 Narrow Gauge Sq., 154 Main St., 648 Wilton Rd., 283 Front St., 507 Wilton Rd.)

1 Assist Police Dept.: (Town Farm Rd.)

4 Power Lines Down: Anson St., 397 Whittier Rd., 553 Wilton Rd., 258 High St.)

8 Structures Fires: 136 Swan Rd., 159 Macomber Hill Rd., 651 Intervale Rd., 60 Mayo Hill Rd., 400 Farmington Falls Rd., High St., 44 Sunset Ave. 9 Church St.)

7 Alarms: 388 High St., 126 Lincoln St., 125 Davis Rd., 235 Main St., 148 Whittier Rd., 274 Front St., 309 Main St.)

1 Water Leak: Sawtelle Ln.)

1 Vehicle Fire: 141 Shawanee Dr.)

2 Unknown: New Vineyard Rd., 709 Knowlton Corner Rd.)

1 CO Detector: 103 Silver Maple Ln.

54 Total Calls; 6.8 Aver. Turn Out per Call: Mutual Aid to: Livermore Falls, 3 in Jay, 2 in New Sharon, 4 in Wilton.

Training: Toured Franklin Printing building; Forcible entry techniques (used the Prop).

Ait bottle filled: Farmington, 4.

Interim chief and others: Area Officers Meeting (several); Maine Fire Chiefs Board Meeting (Bell); Dispatch Oral Interview process (T.A. Hardy, Ross); Budget Committee (Ross).

— Report submitted by S. Clyde Ross, Deputy Chief

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