Farmington Fire Rescue Monthly Report for October 2022

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FARMINGTON – During the month of October the Farmington Fire Rescue Department answered 41 calls for emergency assistance. These were for a variety of situations some of which occur frequently. Time of day, weather conditions and traffic conditions do affect the number of calls.

As we enter the winter season there are particular situations that one should prepare for and be ready to address. One care is what might be necessary items to carry in a car/truck, here is a brief list; shovel, flashlight, jumper cables, warm clothes/footwear, sand/kitty litter, phone charger, fire extinguisher, road flares, snacks/water, matches/lighter, tool kit, emergency phone numbers and tow strap. There are many more items that one could add to this list. Before winter driving have your tires inspected, check radiator and other fluid level and give the vehicle a general inspection. Remember to reduce vehicle speed in foul weather and give adequate spare between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

If you are using electric space heaters be sure to plug the unit into a wall power outlet and don’t use a Power Strip. Refueling liquid units should be done in a well ventilated area and when the unit is cooled off, just be careful.

For outside burning of brush etc., it is necessary to get a “burn permit”, these are available on-line at no charge. Be careful, have some good helpers, and pay attention to weather conditions before any burns.

Check your Smoke Detectors/CO Alarms (change batteries if necessary and test them), be sure all emergency exits are free of ice and snow, and be sure to check with family members and neighbors from time to time; just plan to be safe this winter.

The Farmington Fire Rescue Dept. answered 41 emergency calls during the month of October 2022. These calls were for the following incidents:

2 Building fires
2 Brush fires
3 Fire Alarm investigations
4 Smoke investigations
1 Gas leak/odor
1 Carbon Monoxide
5 Trees/line down
1 Motor vehicle extrication
5 Motor Vehicle accidents with injury
8 Motor vehicle accident general clean up
1 Medical Call
5 Service calls
3 Cancelled enroute
41 Total Calls; average turn out per call 6.5; mutual aid given, 4; mutual aid received, 1.


TRAINING: Chimney fire techniques and application of extinguishing agents, UMF Dormitory fire drills, Scott Certified SCBA Technician Training. Fire Prevention Programs were presented in local schools to more than 200 students during Fire Prevention Week.

Special Town Meeting voted to fund the purchase of a new fire truck; the order has been placed.

Report submitted by S. Clyde Ross, Deputy Chief 11/15/22

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