Farmington man who led police on chase back in jail

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FARMINGTON – A local man who led state police on a day-long chase through the town of Byron was back in front of a judge this week, after police say they found marijuana and pills in his home.

Kirk Hamel, 36, of Farmington, was charged with aggravated furnishing of a scheduled drug, a Class C felony due to previous drug convictions on Hamel’s record, and violating the conditions of his bail. His bail was set at $2,500 cash.

Hamel was out on bail for a Sept. 26, 2008, incident in Byron. Police say they pulled over Hamel, who was traveling with his girlfriend, Angela Ames, and young son, and detected an odor of marijuana. Hamel got back into his car and fled, initiating a high-speed pursuit. Franklin County and Oxford County Sheriff’s Department personnel, as well as the state police, spent a little more than 24 hours searching for Hamel, after finding his abandoned car. Hamel later turned himself in.

That eluding an officer charge was the latest of a litany of charges that Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson rattled off as the judge decided what bail to issue. Other charges, stretching back to 1991, include burglary, theft, disorderly conduct, assaults, furnishing charges, violating a harassment order as well as a Class B felony trafficking charge in 2000.

Police, while attempting to implement a search warrant, say they were delayed at the door by Hamil. According to Robinson, police later found that Ames had been flushing marijuana down the toilet as Hamil had stalled. Samples from the bathroom, Robinson said, pointed toward that conclusion.

Police also say they discovered roughly half a pound of unflushed marijuana, and several plastic bags with a variety of medications inside. They are testing those pills and attempting to discover where they may have come from, and if Ames or Hamil had a prescription. A couple of knives and a small amount of ammunition and cash were also seized.

Andrews asked for a $5,000 cash bail, as well as a condition to not have contact with Ames. Hamil’s attorney for the purposes of his first appearance, Joshua Robbins, argued for a reduced amount, noting that Hamil’s money had been confiscated by police as part of the investigation. He also asked that Hamil be allowed to have contact with Ames, as they have a son together.

“This does represent a substantial hardship for them,” Robbins said, “and their son.”

Judge Valerie Stanfill asked  Robinson if the fact that Hamil and Ames were effectively co-defendants was the only reason that the state did not want them having contact.

“Other than the fact that they were both in the car in the previous incident and she was actively trying to destroy evidence here? No, that’s about it,” Robinson said sarcastically, adding that “it’s a horrible idea for them to have contact with each other.”

Stanfill set Hamil’s bail at $2,500 cash, or $25,000 real estate, and a left a provision of no contact with Ames in place. Hamil’s next court date is set for Jan. 23, 2009.

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