Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report for Oct. 6-20

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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report for Oct. 6 through Oct. 20.

10/6/2017 – 1440hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a complaint of suspicious activity on Wheeler Hill Rd in Phillips.

10/6/2017 – 1654hrs, Deputy Scovil investigated a trespassing complaint on Loon Lake Rd in Dallas Plt.

10/7/2017 – 0532hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to an attempted burglary complaint at North Country Concrete in Philips.

10/7/2017 – 0122hrs, Deputy Madore responded to a domestic disturbance on Dallas Hill Rd in Dallas Plt. As a result of the investigation, James Warren (32) of Dallas Plt. was arrested for Domestic Violence Terrorizing and transported to Jail.

10/7/2017 – 1300hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to a 911 misdial on Maple St. in Kingfield, everything was okay upon arrival.

10/07/2017 – 2303hrs, Sgt. Nate Bean and K-9 Bain were dispatched to Dutch Drive in Farmington to assist Farmington Police with a K-9 track of a male suspect wanted in connection with a Domestic Assault. The male identified as Brian Mackin (26) of Farmington fled on foot out of the rear of the Residence when Farmington Police arrived. Sgt. Bean cast K-9 Bain at the rear of the residence and immediately picked up a track, following the scent of Mackin through back yards and thorough 2 large fields. K-9 Bain did locate Mackin hiding in tall grass under a set of pine trees approximately 2/10 of a mile away from the residence, and he was taken into custody without incident. Mackin was arrested by Farmington Police for the domestic assault.

10/8/2017 – 0734hrs, Deputy Morgan conducted a traffic stop on route 142 in Carthage. As a result of the stop, David Walker (46) of Weld was arrested for operating with a suspended license, failure to give correct name and address, violating conditions of release and two outstanding warrants. He was transported to Jail.

10/8/2017 – 0947hrs, Sgt. Brann received a report of a possible intoxicated driver on route 2 in New Sharon. The vehicle was not found.

10/8/2017 – 1241hrs, Deputy Morgan conducted a motor vehicle stop on Norton Hill Rd in Strong. As a result of the stop, the driver was summonsed for operating with a suspended license. The passenger, Jeffrey Walsh (55) of Strong was arrested on a warrant and transported to Jail.

10/8/2017 – 1317hrs, Deputy McCormick conducted a traffic stop on route 2 in Carthage. As a result of the stop, Jonathan Haws (25) of Hampden was arrested for OUI and transported to Jail.

10/8/2017 – 1621hrrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a vehicle fire involving a dump truck on Cape Cod Hill Rd. in New Sharon.

10/9/2017 – 0717hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a car vs. deer accident on the Phillips Rd in Weld. The deer died at the scene, the car sustained reportable damage.

10/9/2017 – 1409hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a complaint of theft of cash from a motor vehicle on Cummings hill Road in Temple.

10/9/2017 – 1535hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to the Gloria Rd in New Sharon regarding a complaint of persons there being evicted and not adhering to the eviction notice.

10/9/2017 – 1058hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to a report of a man jumping out in front of cars simultaneously yelling obscenities at them on Mile Hill Road in New Sharon. McCormick found the individual and attempted to find out what was going on with him. The man continued his actions as another car drove by yelling for the car to run him over. He was taken into protective custody and transported to FMH for evaluation.

10/9/2017 – 1703hrs, Deputy Scovil investigated a report of theft of landscaping tools from North Main Street in Strong.

10/10/2017- 0857hrs, Deputy Burke investigated a report of harassment on the Vienna road in Chesterville. The complainant inadvertently hit a cat in the road; a second driver following stopped and started yelling at the driver for hitting the cat.

10/10/2017 – 1126hrs, Sgt. Bean and Lt. Rackliffe responded to The Weld/Byron area regarding assisting Oxford SO with a complaint.

10/10/2017 – 1501hrs, Deputy Burke responded to Lambert Hill Rd in Strong regarding a 911 hang up complaint. It was dialed in error.

10/10/2017 – 1530hrs, Deputy Burke responded to a 911 hang up complaint at the corner store in Chesterville. It was discovered that a telephone repair person was working on the phone line and triggered 911 by accident.

10/11/2017 – 1122hrs, Deputy Doucette followed up on a report of a counterfeit 50 dollar bill recovered by the Franklin Somerset Credit Union in Kingfield.

10/11/2017 – 1457hrs, Deputy Burke worked with Windham Police and Lewiston Police regarding a recovered stolen pickup and trailer located on the River Rd in Avon.

10/11/2017 – 1738hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to West Mills Rd in Industry regarding a report of a horse in the road.

10/13/2017 – 1616hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a child custody dispute on Zion’s Hill Rd in Chesterville.

10/13/2017 – 1712hrs, Deputy Madore conducted a traffic stop on route 27 in New Vineyard. As a result of the stop the driver, Christopher Tracy (24) of New Sharon was arrested for Violation of Conditions of release, and charged with Operating with a Suspended license. He was transported to Jail.

10/14/2017 – 0911hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to an ongoing issue between neighbors on Dutch Gap Rd in Chesterville regarding a shared well. He advised all parties that this was a civil issue and that the Sheriff’s Office had no jurisdiction on the issue until a court order is produced.

10/14/2017 – 1406hrs, Deputy Burke assisted Farmington Police with a traffic accident on the Farmington Falls Rd in Farmington.

10/14/2017 – 1442hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a criminal mischief complaint in Temple. The complainant did not want to meet with the investigative officer after calling for help. No further action was taken.

10/14/2017 – 1731hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to the Byron Rd in Weld regarding a report of a vehicle off the roadway stuck.

10/14/2017 – 2221hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a single vehicle accident on the Weeks Mills Rd in New Sharon. No injuries were reported.

10/15/2017 – 1046hrs, Deputy Burke responded to an Inn in Rangeley regarding a late report of a domestic disturbance. Speaking with the complainant, an argument was heard the previous night but the occupants had checked out in the am.

10/15/2017 – 1230hrs, Deputy Burke responded to an Inn in Rangeley at the request of the proprietors to remove guests. The guests were removed with no issues.

10/15/2017 – 1305hrs, Deputy Burke responded to a report of a lost/stolen shotgun from Rangeley. The complainant had been renting a camp on Main St in Rangeley and apparently left forgetting his shotgun. The gun was not where he thought he had left it when Burke arrived.

10/15/2017 – 1931hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a residential alarm on Tory Hill Rd in Phillips, all was secured.

10/15/2017 – 2205hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle that had drove onto the property of the complainant on the Salem Rd in Phillips.

10/15/2017 – 2217hrs, Deputy Morgan conducted a traffic stop on the Farmington Rd in Strong. As a result of the stop, the driver, Erica Couture (33) of Strong was arrested for OUI drugs and Violating conditions of release.

10/16/2017 – 1021hrs, Deputy Burke responded to a vehicle fire on Route 27 in Coburn Gore.

10/16/2017 1222hrs, Deputy Burke investigated a complaint of violation of protection order on the Dodge Rd in Phillips.

10/16/2017 – 1342hrs, Lt. St. Laurent arrested Christopher Elliott (40) of Madrid for violating conditions of release which is classified as a Class C Felony. Mr. Elliott was incarcerated during the time he committed the violation.

10/16/2017 – 1611hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a complaint of an abandoned vehicle on the Lucy Knowles Rd in Chesterville.

10/16/2017 – 1616hrs, Deputy Morgan assisted Wilton Polce with a suicidal person.

10/17/2017 – 1753hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to the Salem Rd in Salem twp. regarding a civil issue complaint.

10/18/2017 – 1144hrs, Deputy Madore conducted a welfare check on an elderly person on the Foster Hill R in Freeman Twp.

10/18/2017 – 1724hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a noise complaint on Main St in Kingfield, a disorderly conduct warning was issued to the apartment owner for playing their music too loudly.

10/19/2017 – 1618hrs, Deputy Morgan assisted Wilton Police by transporting a youth offender to Long Creek in South Portland.

10/19/2017 – 1904hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to South Shore Driver in Rangeley Plt. regarding a 911 hang up complaint.

10/19/2017 – 2138hrs, Deputy Morgan and Sgt. Brann assisted Farmington police with an attempt to stop a car that refused to stop for the Police dept. Officer Lemay of Farmington PD attempted to stop the vehicle in Farmington for a violation, however the driver refused to stop. The vehicle continued to travel northbound out of town eventually turning onto route 27 towards New Vineyard. It was at that point that Brann and Morgan assisted. When they approached the New Vineyard town line the Farmington Officer stopped but Morgan and Brann continued. The offending vehicle never exceeded 66mph but still refused to pull over. The car stopped at a driveway in New Vineyard where upon the driver identified as Devan Heutz (24) of New Vineyard was arrested for Failing to stop for an officer, operating with a suspended license and attaching false plates. After conducting the arrest the deputies discovered that Heutz was in the company of his girlfriend and their two young children.

Deputies conducted 42 building checks all were secured; they also conducted 13 elder checks.

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