Franklin Memorial Hospital implements visitor restrictions

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FARMINGTON – Consistent with the commitment to help prevent further community spread of COVID-19 and to safeguard colleagues, Franklin Memorial Hospital has implemented further changes to visitor policies.

Visitors are permitted only in the following circumstances:

• Pediatrics (one parent/guardian per day)

• Obstetrics (one spouse/coach per day allowed in labor and delivery area)

• Day Surgery (one person involved in care)

• End of Life (one person per day for patients likely to expire within 24 hours per the patient’s attending physician’s judgment)

• Extraordinary circumstances (one person at a time), if presence is necessary for communication with care team or patient support (e.g., patient with disabilities). The determination may be made only by attending physician or designee, and record in the medical record, if feasible)

One person over the age of 18 is allowed for the purpose of picking up a patient for discharge.

In outpatient departments (i.e. Emergency Department, Day Surgery) one person is allowed as an escort, only if the patient requires help with mobility, support or communication with care team, such necessity to be determined by triage or care providers. Escorts are encouraged to drop-off patients when possible.

All visitors are screened upon entrance to a facility. Potential visitors will be asked series of screening questions, including whether they have a fever, a new cough in the last 14 days, shortness of breath, a sore throat or a runny nose, or a known exposure to someone with COVID-19. If they answer yes to any, they will be asked to leave.

Permitted visitors will be required to both perform hand hygiene prior to entering and upon leaving the patient’s room / care area and to the extent possible asked to remain at least six feet from the patient at all times.

We recognize that family support is important to our patients, particularity the very young and those facing end-of-life decisions. This was a difficult decision but we believe this is the best way to protect the health of our patients and care team members.

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