Jay board awards salt and paving bids

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JAY – On Monday night, the Jay Select Board held a special meeting to accept the road salt and paving bids from Morton Salt Co. and Pike Industries Inc.

The two road salt bids were provided by Morton Salt Co. at $81.38, and by Eastern Salt Co. at $83.90. A motion was made and approved unanimously to accept the road salt bid from Morton Salt at $81.38.

The board also voted to approve the paving bid from Pike Industries Inc. which is set at $221,370.90. Public Works Director John Johnson stated that the money would be used to pave many roads in the area, and the Paving Committee has recommended paving Merriman, Tessier, Belmont, Davis and Warren Hill roads over the summer with the money provided by the bid.

The Paving Committee also has plans to pave Chickadee Avenue, but the costs would be covered by the company that installed the solar panels located at the end of the road. The company has provided the town with a total of $15,000 to pave the road.

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