Lewiston woman dies after falling down Smalls Falls

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TOWNSHIP E – A Lewiston woman died after she stumbled and fell down a waterfall in Franklin County yesterday afternoon.

According to the Maine Warden Service, Tanisha Barry, 29, of Lewiston was with friends at Smalls Falls at approximately 4:30 p.m. yesterday. She and a friend were in the water together in a pool above the falls, and when she got close to the edge, according to witnesses, she stumbled, and before she could regain her footing, fell approximately 30 feet down the falls.

“One of her friends climbed down to the bottom of the falls to try and rescue her, but could not locate her in the turbulent water at the base of the falls. Unable to find her, he drove from the falls to an area with cell phone reception to call 911 and then returned to the falls,” said Mark Latti, MDIFW communications director.

The Maine Warden Service, Rangeley Fire and Rescue, Phillips Fire and Rescue, Strong Fire and Rescue and Franklin County Search and Rescue all responded to the scene and had to rappel down the rocks to the base of the falls. Rescuers located her body caught in the recirculating water, and utilizing ropes, went into the water to retrieve her. Rescuers then carried her up the cliff walls utilizing ropes and a litter.

Barry was transported to Wiles Funeral Home in Farmington by NorthStar Ambulance. An examination is planned by the State Medical Examiner’s office later on Sunday.

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