Mobile home too dangerous?

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FARMINGTON – A public hearing to decide the fate of an aging mobile home town officials worry is too dangerous to live in will be held Tuesday night.

Code Enforcement Officer Steve Kaiser was asked by the development company Cascade Land Holdings, Inc., to investigate the condition of the home. The development company leases the lot the mobile home sits on at 103 Dutch Drive and is owned by Amy Carsten.

“It’s been in rough shape for quite some time,” Kaiser said. “It’s out-lived its life and it’s not safe,” he added. The mobile home is at least 20 years old with siding patch work evident on the exterior, but it’s the roof Kaiser is most concerned with after inspecting the home.

The mobile home along is situated in the Cascade Leisure Park, off High Street and behind the fairgrounds.

In another instance when a house was declared too dangerous for habitation following a public hearing last year, selectmen ordered the owner of a home in Farmington Falls to repair the electrical system and fix various structural problems within a given time frame. But instead of having the repair work completed, the owners moved out.

Kaiser was contacted again in January by the homeowner who asked if they could come back to live and they were told that the repairs still need to be made. The house has remained vacant ever since.

The public hearing to discuss whether the mobile home in Cascade Leisure Park is considered dangerous and the possible action selectmen may decide to take will be held at their regular meeting, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the municipal building.

A public hearing to decide the fate of a mobile home at 103 Dutch Drive in the Cascade Leisure Park will be held Tuesday night.

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