New Sharon public hearing on road winter maintenance tonight

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NEW SHARON – The public hearing to discuss the closing of portions of four roads to winter maintenance is scheduled for 7 p.m., at the selectmen’s office.

The closings will affect parts of the Clearwater, Smith, Flag and Kimball Pond Roads. These sections are closed every year, but a new public hearing must be held every 10 years to discuss the issue.

“This is concerning roads that are closed to plowing every year,” Selectman Maynard Webster said. “It saves a considerable amount of money for snow plowing.”

Webster said that he could not remember a time when those section were plowed by the town. The sections in question include:

  • Clearwater Road, from the snow plow turn-around near the “power line” to the Industry town line.
  • Smith Road, from the snow plow turn-around near the “Smith quarry” to the snow plow turn-around near the Olmstead residence.
  • Flag Road, from the snow plow turn-around near Dennis Smith’s residence to the driveway leading to Nick Whittemore’s field.
  • Kimball Pond Road, from the snow plow turn-around near the Giles Place to the Vienna town line.
After residents have their say at the public hearing, selectmen will discuss the issue and decide which sections should remain closed to winter maintenance. Webster said that the decision to close the roads to winter maintenance usually had little opposition.
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