Phillips man attempts to elude police

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AVON – A Phillips man police say was driving with a suspended license was arrested Friday, after a short-lived attempt to escape police.

Scott Pinkham, 39, of Phillips, was arrested and charged with eluding a police officer and operating a motor vehicle after suspension. Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Kenneth Charles said that he recognized Pinkham while driving through Avon, and realized that the man’s license had been suspended.

“I saw him driving and knew he had a suspension,” Charles said.

Charles said that Pinkham did not pull over, instead attempting to flee down the Mt. Blue Road. Charles alerted dispatch for back up, but after just a mile Pinkham pulled over and attempted to flee on foot.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever been up on Mt. Blue Road,” Charles said, “there’s really only one way in, one way out. Bad choice for him, I guess.”

Charles arrested and charged Pinkham. The entire chase took less than two minutes.

“It was pretty exciting for a minute or so,” Charles said.

Pinkham posted $500 in bail and was released that night. He is due back in court on Nov. 13. Eluding an officer is a Class C felony.

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