Two arrested in drug bust

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WILTON – Police arrested a Skowhegan man and a Farmington woman early Friday morning, after allegedly discovering a variety of prescription pills in their vehicle.

Tammy Daggett, 38, of Farmington and Eric Barnes, 23, of Skowhegan, were arrested after police searched their vehicles. Officer Joshua King and Officer Rick Billian were responding to the parking lot of the Wilton Big Apple on Route 2, after receiving a call that suspicious activity was underway. They discovered seven people behind the convenience store and searched one of the vehicles present. In that vehicle police said found Flexorin, Cyclobenzaprine, Clonazepam and Tramadol. The drugs vary in their legal uses, from treating anxiety to severe pain.

Police say that Daggett confessed to swallowing several Oxycotin pills as the officers were arriving, and was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital for immediate treatment. In Barnes’ car, they discovered an alcoholic beverage. Both Barnes and Daggett were eventually taken to Franklin County Jail. Barnes has been charged with violating the conditions of his release, while Daggett faces charges related to the possession of scheduled drugs, as well as violating the condition of her release.

Daggett was released Friday, on $100 bail, while Barnes remains in custody. Daggett’s first court appearance will be on Sept. 4.

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