Both parties are right… some of the time

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What’s wrong is the timing for a McCain mindset.

A Nobel Prize winner’s financial forecast for the U.S. is for recession plagued by increasing deflation.
Japan began this downward spiral in 1990, with the value eroding from their housing market. This led to a decade’s long deflationary/recession due in part to Japan’s Government taking the too-little-too-late approach that Bush and McCain have bought into.

The Bush bailouts are too little too late and too little regulated to produce a general economic “jobs and wall street rebound.”

If Obama wins, we get a two-year recession. If McCain wins we get a Japan style 10-year one, because McCain only knows how to spend, with his base wanting a low tax, low government regime, but which at this moment, is lethal.

The only way to avoid Japan’s story, is for the government to invest in an FDR style infrastructure of rebuild projects along with strict regulation of Wall Street.

All this other political bickering is for not because without an economy, we’re all dead in the water.

Richard Simcock

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