Letter to the Editor: Muslim ties?

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The owner of A Tec auto has put up a campaign sign that in my mind crosses the line. It asserts that people should not vote for Barack Obama because he has “Muslim ties.”

There are two things wrong with this often repeated charge. First, as many others have pointed out, it is simply a falsehood. But worse, it is an ethnic slur.

I ask myself when I see that, so what if he did? Are ties to Muslims bad? Don’t we have Muslims among our friends, neighbors and colleagues right here in Farmington? Moreover, as former Secretary of State Colin Powell recently said, isn’t America just the sort of place where Muslims as much as any others have a right to our political process, including running for office?

A generation ago we might have heard slanders about a candidate “fathering a black child.” Fortunately, we have outgrown that and hopefully we can outgrow this bigotry as well.

Steve Bien

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