Letter to the Editor: A lifesaver

2 mins read

On Tuesday, I had to run a necessary errand to pick up some plumbing supplies at Strong Hardware, leaving a very ill family member at home. It was snowing when I left my home in New Vineyard, but lightly.

I drove from Rte 27, up Rte 234, to the hardware store, successfully. After leaving the store with my purchases, I noticed the snow was becoming more heavy, but figured I could manage to drive my compact car up those steep areas on Rte 234 and return home.

Having very little experience in driving with this car in snow, I didn’t get far up that first steep area before the car started slipping and sliding. I started to panic and just sat there in the right-hand lane.

A gentleman in a pickup truck was going the other direction, pulled up alongside, and assisted me in driving in reverse, all the way back down, to a safe place where I could turn around, drive to the White Elephant store, and call friends who came to help me in driving the car home (another route was taken, though!).

This compassionate person took his time, got out and directed traffic along the way, spoke kindly and patiently during the whole process. I never had the chance to ask his name and really didn’t express my appreciation for his helping me. Hopefully, someone knows him or he visits your site.

Thank you, kind sir, for being a lifesaver!

Sue King
New Vineyard

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